CISSMI Seminar Series

DISASTERS: CISSMI 2009-10 Seminar Series

The five seminars last year focused on the theme of disasters. Dealing in turn with epidemics, technology, famine, environment, and trauma the seminar speakers investigated the social and cultural significance of scientific and medical 'disasters’, from the traumatic psychological experiences of first world war combatants through the threat of nuclear war in the literary imagination to the risks involved for mountaineering scientists.

Seminars took place on Wednesday afternoons in November, December, February, March, and April at either the University of Glamorgan or Cardiff University.

EPIDEMICS – The Seminar Series Launch Event took place on Wednesday 4 November 2009 at Cardiff University when Patrick Wallis (LSE) spoke on 'Facing epidemics: deciding on duty in a time of danger’.

TECHNOLOGY – December 9 2009, 5.30pm (Glamorgan University)
Matthew Grant (Manchester) spoke on 'Imagining the ‘unthinkable’ disaster: narratives of nuclear destruction in early cold war Britain’

FAMINE – February 3 2010, 5.30pm (Cardiff University):
Melissa Fegan (University of Chester) spoke on representations of the Irish Famine

ENVIRONMENT COLLOQUIUM – March 17 2010, 2-5pm (Glamorgan University):
Simon Werrett (University of Washington, Seattle): The End of Knowledge: Disposal and Recycling in Science and Medicine
Roger Eaton (Amsterdam University): Mid-Victorians at Risk
John Miller (University of Glasgow): ‘To the Unseeable Animal’ and Last Chance to See: Biodiversity and the Ecology of Vision

TRAUMA – April 21 2010, 5.30pm (Cardiff University):
Michael Roper (University of Essex) spoke on 'The “nameless dread” of trench warfare’

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