Off Sick Exhibition

One of the project’s outcomes is a community-focused exhibition publicising and show-casing some of the stories that the project has gathered.

Online Exhibition Coming Soon

The Off Sick team is currently working on putting together an online version of our exhibition. This sill be linked to from this page, so watch this space…

Medicine at the Margins – Unveiling the Exhibition

As explained below, Off Sick unveiled a pilot exhibition at the Medicine at the Margins conference. Below are some snaps of the project team putting the exhibition up and the conference delegates perusing them.

Keir and Richard discuss the positioning of the exhibition boards
Martin finds himself in need of additional blu-tack
The curators pose in front of the Off Sick exhibition
Delegates at the Medicine at the Margins conference enjoy the exhibition
The exhibition board Disease at the Monster is discussed by conference delegates
The Off Sick exhibition proves to be a talking point during the conference lunch

Medicine at the Margins

The main Off Sick exhibition will take place in June / July of 2011. However, we are running a smaller pilot exhibition at the Medicine at the Margins conference being held at the University of Glamorgan on Friday 15 April 2011. The conference information is as follows:

Throughout the history of medicine there have always been knowledges and practices considered to be (or portrayed as) outside the normal or orthodox: these include early modern popular and magical healing, mesmerism, ‘quack’ remedies, and alternative or complementary medicine. They have all existed at the boundaries of acceptability and legitimacy, and these boundaries have frequently shifted. Similarly, some illnesses have placed patients beyond the margins of acceptability. Mental health problems, sexually-transmitted diseases and conditions incurring great disfigurement have all been intertwined with social concepts of the taboo. This conference explores these margins, their form, context and history.

In addition to the talks on offer, this exhibition will mark the first unveiling of some of the research that the Off Sick project has been conducting. Please visit the conference website for details of the programme and information on how to book our place.